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Restaurant/ Hotel / Motel / Inn resort

Ordering our German style Food menus saves you money and time. Our meals are waiting at your convenience in the freezer for your clients order. Rather than employ Chefs and store fresh ingredients you can order our authentic German pre frozen meals that are ready to be served in minutes with full taste and freshness. How clients love it to eat. You must have the deep freezer and your microwave ready to prepare and feed your customer. This trend is not new. Our home cooked produce ready-meals can be served in your kitchen quickly from untrained employees. From early opening of the Restaurant to late night’s hours. Prepared to serve any time in minutes. Restaurants are using worldwide this common method and attending to happy customers in minutes. In the Restaurant business most Chefs doesn’t have the time to create meals; they manage the staff and overlook operation. You can add our meals in you menu. From few meals to our full assortment. People love German meals. From memory’s to staying over there and visiting friends and people in Germany. Still the largest ethnic group in the U.S. is German-Americans, with a population of close to 50 million, according to the census bureau. You serve them their food. Please sign in and we send you our whole sale pricelist:

Convenience stores / Supermarkets / Retail location/ Delicacy store/ Caterers

Having our ready to eat frozen German meals in your store can generate additional revenues for you. People recognized this German dishes immediately. They love them. From the freezer display to the microwave and ready to eat in less than 10 minutes. Offer the largest German American ethnic group in the US those meals. From our full frozen menu or just some of the dishes. We deliver to you and it is a win win situation. We generously discounted our meals for Retailer outlets that both profits from it. Please sign in and we will contact you shortly.


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