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When German native, Henryk, met his American wife in 1990, he never imagined cooking German food for a living. While jet setting between the two continents, he had the best of both worlds: steaks and hamburger in the US and rouladen and gulasch in Germany.

In 1993, Henryk and his family moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania where German food was not readily available. He missed German food and were frustrated by the lack of traditional German restaurants. He decided to solve the problem himself. Henryk’s kitchen soon became his family and friend’s favorite place to spend Sunday afternoons as he’d cook traditional German and Polish influenced meals for everyone.

It’s no surprise that cooking soon became one of Henryk’s passions as his father was a butcher and his mother a talented cook. He spent most of his adult life as a business man behind a desk or traveling to visit clients, but friends urged him to establish a career as a chef. Henryk took the advice and began taking orders to precook meals to provide to homesick Germans or anyone with a taste for tradition.

Enjoy our homemade meals, made by Chef Heinz.

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